Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi is a project being developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation that wants to produce a very cheap computer that is as small as a credit card. The main purpose of the project is to provide cheap hardware and software solutions for teaching programming languages to kids, but it had lots of attention from IT enthusiasts because of the price and the endless possibilities of usage.

When I first saw this project, my first thought was :
“I wonder if this thing can be used to make an HTPC with a DVB-S2 USB tuner. From the hardware point of view it certainly can. I can´t wait to get my hands on one of this delicious Raspberries.

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Titanoboa, the giant snake.

Here is a video of Titanoboa, a design of a robotic snake ten feet long and weights a ton.

Because robotics does not only mean miniaturization of devices, see a snake and a giant spider, built by the Mondo Crew, a team of scientists, artists and designers.
In this video, although not in confrontation, the Mondo Spider Titanoboa past each other, making strange noises.

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Streamboard forum and SVN is down.

All services hosted at Streamboard.gmc.to are currently down, no new binaries will be released until their services are online again.

No official announcements were made.

Let´s wait and see…

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Delphi and MySQL

When it comes the time for a developer to create good database applications that need interaction with database servers, one might think twice about using Delphi for this task, and they couldn´t be more wrong. There are tools for Delphi that simplify the process of connecting to the most known RDBM´s like MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc…

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IBM processors work like the Human brain

For over 30 years, IBM introduced the first PC and now prepares to once again revolutionize the world of technology.

Brain CPU

Brain CPU

Funded in part by DARPA – which contributed 28.5 million euros to the project of “cognitive computing” – IBM has created a prototype that uses parallel processing for multitasking and, more importantly, it adapts to new information, even if unexpected. Dharmendra Modha, the man behind the project at IBM Research, says that “we can not use hardly any knowledge about the design of chips.”

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