phpMailShare is a small php script that allows you to share emails with your friends. Just upload it to your web server, configure it and give your friends the links to the files and they will be able to view the contents and download the attachments.

The script is available to download here and you can see it in action on this demo.

How does it work?

It uses IMAP to access your mail account and can be used with any mail server that provides IMAP access, including Gmail.
Every time a user attempts to download the file, the script will connect to your mail account and retrieve the requested attachment and enable the user to download it.
It´s a great script to use as file storage without wasting your hosting space, since the files are actually stored in your mail account, attached to each email.

What are the requirements?

You need :

1 – A web server with PHP and the IMAP extension enabled.

2 – The server firewall must allow connections to the IMAP server port.

3 – A mail account with IMAP access (the script was developed with Gmail accounts in mind, but can work with other providers).

4 – About 100 Kb free space on your web host. 😀

How to install?

Installing the script is very easy :

1 – Download the script and extract the file.

2 – Edit the “config.php” to configure the IMAP account and set the folders you would like to give access.

3 – Upload the folder to your web server and point your browser to “http://<yourdomain>/<phpms folder>/index.php”

How to use it?

The folders you set in “config.php” will be listed as categories.

To create this folders use your preferred mail client or webmail (folders are known as “Labels” in Gmail).

After creating your folders in the mail client, just move the emails you would like to share, to those folders.
The emails are now available to the script and you can just copy the links and share them with your friends.

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  1. Mikael says:


    I have added a button to delete mail from the IMAP function. I also plan to add checkbox for a multiline deletion. would you like to have the update?