This project is no longer active and the script does not work anymore.
Google changed the gmail protocol and libgmailer is no longer active.

What is it? G-Share is a PHP script that allows you to share your Gmail attachments with the world, it is a download center with files stored in your gmail account.
It uses a MySQL database to store important data such as categories, download count, visitors, gmail accounts, etc…

Latest version is G-Share 1.5beta3 – Download

You also need the libgmailer 0.9 beta3 update (replace the “includes/libgmailer.php”) – Download

What do I need?

  • A webserver with PHP support
  • php_curl extension enabled on the webserver
  • FTP client to upload files
  • A gmail account would become handy to use this script.

How to install?

  • Upload the contents of “upload” to your webserver.
  • Create a Database on your MySQL server.
  • Point browser to http://www.your_domain.com/gshare/install.php (change to your needs)
  • Go to your gmail account and create some labels that start with a “Z.” and they will be visible in the script.
    In eg: Z.Pictures, Z.Music, Z.Software, etc…


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