1mm of Glass can store 50Gb of Data

Researchers have found a way to store 50 GB of data in a “wafer” glass with just one millimeter in diameter.

Glass Wafer

Nano Glass

The process uses tiny dots called voxels, which are embedded in the molecular structure of glass made entirely of silica. Researchers at Southampton University have discovered how to use these points to bend the light passing through the wafer, enabling the storage of data in the same way as with the fiber optic cables.

Investigators also found a way of erasing and rewriting information by changing the position of the voxels, which can be erased and rewritten in other parts of the wafer.

The glass has other advantages over other types of non-volatile storage such as DVD or Blu-ray. Tolerate temperatures close to 980 º C and, since the voxels are inside the glass structure, the information lasts virtually forever without any degradation in the data.

“We have developed a type of memory that can store data on the glass and make it last forever,” says Martynas Beresna, head of the research team. Beresna stresses that this new technology “will be very important for companies who are now forced to back up your files every five years, mainly due to the durability of hard drives.”

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