Facebook can cause Health Issues

A study conducted by a psychologist, in the University of California concluded that children and young adolescents who tend to spend many hours in the social network Facebook may develop health problems.

These health problems are associated with the fact that his life was exposed publicly and it could cause changes in your personality, paranoia, anxiety and even, imagine, use and abuse of alcohol.

This same study indicates that children and teenagers who spend lot of time playing consoles and computer games also tend to develop health problems such as frequent stomach aches, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Despite these findings, nothing provides confidence of social networks, the psychologist believes that these communication channels are also good things, for example, believes that most shy people eventually breaks free and integrate more easily in society thanks to “Facebook’s”, ” Twitter’s “and the like …

Larry Rosen notes that the most important role is on the side of parents of children who should set limits on the use of these technologies and services.


What about you? What do you think of this? Are you a social addict?

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