How to repair a Paradox table?

I have a few projects in Delphi that use Paradox as database and sometimes I have to deal with corrupted tables or headers which is a real pain to solve. Anyway, here are some free tools to help you fixing the tables/headers of corrupted paradox tables or “Key Violation” errors.

[download id=”6″]

This application will check the auto increment primary keys to fix the “Key Violation” errors.


Dr. Regener PdxRepair

This one is not free, but its shareware and can be used 10 times.
It´s a great program, it can repair a table even when Borland Database Desktop or Paradox Data Editor are unable to open it.

Download it here.

Paradox Data Editor

This is a viewer and editor for Paradox tables. It has password protection removing and fix & repair ability. It uses BDE.
Built-in BLOB viewer, filtering and searching, column statistics and structure viewer are tools that covers most needed operations.
Data can exported to many formats e.g. HTML, SYLK, Excel, RTF or CSV and printed.

Its probably the best program I have found to deal with paradox tables. It has a function to repair the table and reconstruct the headers but only works if BDE can open the table.

Download it here.

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2 Responses to How to repair a Paradox table?

  1. hax says:

    thanks, helped me out today! 🙂

  2. stefan says:

    why does this tool tells me the table is OK if there is a BLOB error?