Oscam Launcher

Oscam Launcher is an application that will make life easier if you use Oscam on windows.

To install the launcher, just extract the contents of the zip file to the same folder of oscam.exe and oscam configuration files.

The main features are :

– Run Oscam hidden. The application will run in background with an icon on the systray.

– Allows you to update Oscam to the latest version with only one click.
This will download the latest Oscam from the tekreaders website, extract it and replace the existing
“oscam.exe”. A backup will be created before overwriting the file.

– Allows to start Oscam with a defined debug level.

– Allows to restart Oscam automatically on crashes.

– Allows to restart Oscam every X hours.

– Allows to install Oscam as a Windows service.
This option uses nssm (Non Sucking Service Manager – http://nssm.cc/) which will monitor the oscam process and restart it automatically when it crashes.

If you like my free work, please consider making a donation and help me pay for the hosting and all the coffee and beer I drink developing this free software.

For suggestions or bug reports please make a comment below.

 Download Oscam Launcher (469.1 kB)

Version 1.1 
 - Fixed bug in Oscam updater algorithm.
 - Add option to start Oscam automatically when OscamLauncher is executed.
 - Add option to install Oscam as a Windows service using nssm (Non Sucking Service Manager).
 - Configuration is now saved to OscamLauncher.ini.
 - Some minor GUI changes.


75 Responses to Oscam Launcher

  1. Davo says:


    I compile my own oscam and noticed that the configs have to be in the same Directory as the launcher when using windows oscam & windows launcher. would be nice if maybe the Oscam launcher would force the config directory to match windows oscam directories.
    Maybe utilising the -c ./conf/ command. Or allow some extra setting within Oscam launcher to set locations of… /bin /conf /tmp etc.

    Also I can not code but would like to maybe see if your interested in making an all round Oscam Launcher Program with Extra’s 😀

    Something TAB based.
    Tab 1 = Oscam Launcher
    Tab 2 = Oscam Config Editor (with option to specify the conf directory and open all files in it)
    Tab 3 = Oscam Monitor – like the existing one around displays similar to WEBIF. (with ability to stop/start as not to use all system resources) Saves having to open a webpage each time to see everything is going, simply all housed in the one program, by all means link to open the webif on a button for thoses who prefer it.
    Tab 4 = Oscam Utilitys – more can be added later…

    Tab 4
    Utilitys – EMM/ECM sender – connects to oscam as a user with AU ability (set in oscam.user) allowing user to manually send emm & ecms to oscam thats they may have missed or for playing purposes. Obviously with a WARNING this should only be used by the proffessional. LOL

    I have another request but above is oscam based utility/program I would like you to undertake.
    i am availble on MSN – disisdavo@hotmail.com if you wish to talk further.

    I am more that happy to create a form based example of what i mean – with no code behind obviously lol. it will give you a visual of what i mean.


  2. Daniel says:

    program is perfect , thx !!

  3. Xewonder says:

    Hi Guys,

    Can not get it to work…

    [11/03/2012 12:59:51] – ERROR – Unable to check latest version.
    [11/03/2012 12:59:53] – Starting “oscam.exe”…
    [11/03/2012 12:59:53] – Oscam is running!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:53] – Next restart at 12/03/2012 06:00:00
    [11/03/2012 12:59:53] – Cannot open config file ‘./oscam.conf’ (errno=2 No such file or directory)
    [11/03/2012 12:59:53] – Oscam is stopped!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:53] – Oscam has crashed!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:53] – Restarting Oscam!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:53] – Starting “oscam.exe”…
    [11/03/2012 12:59:53] – Oscam is running!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:53] – Next restart at 12/03/2012 06:00:00
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Cannot open config file ‘./oscam.conf’ (errno=2 No such file or directory)
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Oscam is stopped!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Oscam has crashed!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Restarting Oscam!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Starting “oscam.exe”…
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Oscam is running!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Next restart at 12/03/2012 06:00:00
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Cannot open config file ‘./oscam.conf’ (errno=2 No such file or directory)
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Oscam is stopped!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Oscam has crashed!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Restarting Oscam!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Starting “oscam.exe”…
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Oscam is running!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Next restart at 12/03/2012 06:00:00
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Cannot open config file ‘./oscam.conf’ (errno=2 No such file or directory)
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Oscam is stopped!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Oscam has crashed!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Restarting Oscam!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Starting “oscam.exe”…
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Oscam is running!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Next restart at 12/03/2012 06:00:00
    [11/03/2012 12:59:54] – Cannot open config file ‘./oscam.conf’ (errno=2 No such file or directory)
    [11/03/2012 12:59:55] – Oscam is stopped!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:55] – Oscam has crashed!
    [11/03/2012 12:59:55] – Restart on crash was disabled because oscam was very unstable, it crashed 5 times in the last minute.

    any ideas?

    • The config files must be in the same folder of oscam.exe and OscamLauncher.exe.

      In the next version I will be allowing the user to select the location of the config files.

  4. Davo says:


    My files are in the following Directory.

    C:\Program Files\OScam\conf\ <– in here

    I get the same error using my own compiled version if i try and place files in any other directory.

    So place lanucher.exe, oscam.* (all conf files) & oscam.exe in the CONF dir and run it from there. works fine for me.

    I get…

    [18/03/2012 5:45:33 PM] – New build #6540 is now available for update!
    [18/03/2012 5:45:35 PM] – Starting "oscam.exe"…
    [18/03/2012 5:45:35 PM] – Oscam is running!
    [18/03/2012 5:45:35 PM] – Next restart at 19/03/2012 6:00:00 AM
    [18/03/2012 5:45:45 PM] – Stoping "oscam.exe"…
    [18/03/2012 5:45:45 PM] – Oscam is stopped!
    [18/03/2012 5:45:46 PM] – Starting "oscam.exe"…
    [18/03/2012 5:45:46 PM] – Oscam is running!
    [18/03/2012 5:45:46 PM] – Next restart at 19/03/2012 6:00:00 AM


  5. Ashley says:

    Nice utility. Couple of comments. I’d really like this to have the option of running as a service to avoid a user having to log on to start the oscam launcher. I have been using the launcher by Rhys Goodwin but the one problem I have with this is that oscam can randomly drop out and the service wrapper doesn’t always pick this up, so the windows service keeps running but the oscam process can fail (which then causes issues with WAF!).

    if your launcher could have the option of creating a bomb-proof service wrapper around oscam, but keeping all your debugging options etc, that would be perfect.

    thanks again for the windows builds of oscam – they are a lifesaver!

  6. anderson says:

    Ola vocês estão de parabéns
    Programa show de bola
    Só um pergunta!
    Gostaria de saber se a oscam fechar do nada se ele reinicia ela automaticamente?

  7. uhor says:

    Greetings. Launcher works great. When would be a new version?

  8. mcfly says:

    Would be possible that new Oscam Launcher version can works without to pulse “Start” button?
    This option would be very good to start Oscam Launcher automatically at Windows startup.

  9. Micoo says:

    Hi, Is it possible to make it as a service in windows 7 so the launcher can starting Oscam without the need to login?

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. dedicatid says:

    great app but would be nice if it could tell when a reader has changed to status off and restart so say if its not actually sending a valid ecm it would restart itself. For the issue that if it crashes it keeps restarting until its good instead of giving up after x amount of times

    Other than these 2 minor issues keep up the great work much apreciated

  11. Josti says:

    Like Micoo says running the launcher as a service would be nice.

    In fact it seems already possible:

    Perhaps you can take a look at that solution to find a way to implement this in OscamLauncher as well.

  12. Micoo says:

    I run service-wrapper today in win 7 but the problem is that Oscam sometimes shutting down and service-wrapper can’t restart the Oscam and I have tried to change the service settings in win7 for oscam above services to restart if it is any problem but it seem to work.

    With this launcher that can be restarted so would it be perfect if the launcher could be installed as a service.

    I have a small computer today that is dedicated to Oscam and in bios I have choose that if the power fails should the computer restarting when the power is availible again and in this case Oscam need to starting without to login.

  13. Glenn says:

    Great stuff!!

    For a server, this is not a good solution though. Any smart card reader will drop out when logging in over RDP (even though if you disable smart cards on RDP settings). Running it as a service (oscamsvc) is a good solution. You should consider trying the same; A service with the launcher as a GUI controlling the service.
    (Of course VNC etc. will avoid the RDP-based problems)

  14. Darren says:

    All works well, but I have an error message where the update button is and it can’t check if its the newest version any ideas?

    Also as everyone has said auto start would be a good default option.

    great app though

  15. Cheong says:

    My Oscam Launcher unable to check the version of oscam.exe and not able to update latest version by clicking “Update Now” button on the Oscam Launcher.

    Any advice?


  16. mcfly says:

    Project dead?

    • No, the project is not dead.
      I am working on a new version that will implement most of the features requested.
      Version 1.1 development progress :

      – Fixed bug in Oscam updater algorithm. – DONE
      – Add option to start Oscam automatically when OscamLauncher is executed. – DONE
      – Add option to install Oscam as a Windows service using nssm (Non Sucking Service Manager). – DONE
      – Configuration is now saved to OscamLauncher.ini. – DONE
      – Some minor GUI changes. – DONE

      There is still some features that I am implementing :

      – Change oscam.conf and set the output to a textfile when we are in service mode.
      – Edit configuration files through GUI.

  17. esquiro says:

    Hey Hugo Rosário

    First, thanks for your good job
    Second: is that there’s a possibility that you post source code for your “Oscam Launcher”
    I want to learn to program like you


  18. Frank says:

    Hallo Hugo,

    super Programm. Wie fragst du einen Crash von Oscam ab?

  19. Sander says:


    Any news as to when we can expect v1.1?


  20. Version 1.1 is available for download.
    Please test and leave your feedback here.

  21. fcp_pt says:

    Hello Hugo

    First of all thanks for the excellent work.
    I have 4 lines running in windows OSCAM:
    1st line Newcamd 100%
    2nd row 100% cccam 2.0.11
    3rd line cccam 2.1.1 100%
    4th row cccam 2.2.1 0%

    The 4th line runs one minute and then loses the connection, returning the past 3 to 4 minutes.

    I’ve tried several builds but it’s all the same, except this line (2.2.1) works without problem in the program qulquer Hdvb or Faust.

    And what emerges is this:
    p tcp_conn_close (): fd = 4, cl-> typ == ‘p’ 0 is_udp

    p tcp_conn_close (): fd = 0, cl-> typ == ‘p’ 0 is_udp

    I have used this new version but without success, anyway thanks

    p tcp_conn_close (): fd = 4, cl-> typ == ‘p’ 0 is_udp

    p tcp_conn_close (): fd = 0, cl-> typ == ‘p’ 0 is_udp


    And what emerges is this:Anular ediçõesDicionárioGoogle Tradutor para Empresas:Ferramentas do Google TradutorTradutor de Web sitesGlobal Market FinderDesactivar tradução instantâneaAcerca do Google TradutorTelemóvelPrivacidadeAjudaEnviar comentários e opiniões

    • Make sure that line is not being used by any other client.
      When you have multiple clients connecting with the same user account you get that error.

      • fcp_pt says:

        Hello Hugo

        For yes for not, I spoke with my friend who gave up me the line (cccam 2.2.1) what he tells me, which user, and pass that it is completely ok nothing has repeated.

        I have also a friend with several lines, being that 2 of them to the end of some time also lose the connection.

        Is what I know, that this line in the programs Hdvb and Luxury works without any problem?

        I already read in several forums this problem, tcp conn_close ‘p’ is udp 0!, but I did not come to any conclusion.

        Thanks because of answering


  22. fcp_pt says:

    Hi Hugo

    I had a crash and did not restart the program for it

    • I am not sure what you are talking about but I will assume it is something about the feature that automatically restarts oscam on crashes. If that is the problem then you need to give me more information.

  23. Cheong says:

    Thanks for the such good program..
    May I know where to find the .ini file for the configuration?

  24. Simon says:

    Install service dosent seem to be working for me. I klick the button, the program restarts but I cant find any indication of a new service running.

    I’m running win7 64bit.


    • Hello Simon, after clicking “Install Service” the program will restart and the button name should now be called “Uninstall Service”.
      You will also view this message on the log text box : “[08-08-2012 03:06:45] – Oscam is installed as a service and logging to file : C:\oscam\\oscam.log”

      After installing as service it should look like this picture here.

      You can also open the windows service manager (services.msc) and check the status of “OscamSVC”.

      • Mark says:

        Install service is not working for me either on Windows 8 (x64 release preview).
        Clicking Install Service only restarts Oscam (button doesn’t change).

        Hopefully an easy fix because this is a great addition to Oscam!

        • I have not tested this on Windows 8 yet. Make sure you execute Oscam with administrator rights because you will probably need that to install a service.
          I promise I will install Windows 8 on a virtual machine and test Oscam and OscamLauncher on it soon.

          • Mark says:

            I was sure I’d tried running as admin with no luck but I tried again and it installed!


          • Hi again Mark.
            I am glad to ear that you have accomplished your objective.
            Can I assume that Oscam Launcher is working 100% on Windows 8?

          • Mark says:

            Yes, its working on Windows 8 but since installing as a service there is no icon in the systray (behaviour set to show icon and notifications).
            When using OscamLauncher there are two instances of Oscam running in task manager, is this normal? I don’t recall seeing it before (if running Oscam directly there is only one process).


            Ps I’ll be sending a coffee your way soon (hope you like the cheap stuff 😉

          • Mark says:

            I recently had issues where Oscam launcher suddenly stopped working with a cygusb-1.0.dll missing error but the latest Cygwin dll’s solved this and now Oscam launcher appears in the windows 8 systray.

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  26. Lutz says:

    my problem with v1.1 is that it doesnt start because of “cygusb-1.0.dll is missing”. I never had this system error before with v1.0, but now, even if I switch back to v1.0, the error stays. What can I do? Please help. Many thanks.

  27. Razor says:

    Hi, im new to using your build, and to be honest its just waht i was looking for….is it possilbe to still see the active logging in the launcher window , whilst it has been installed as a service….i would like the benifit of the crash monitoring as a service but also be able to view whats going on in active window of the launcher…rather than openning a log file.txt…..is this possible?
    and thankyou again for your hard work…

    • Hello, this is a feature that I will try to implement on the next version.

      The crash monitoring embedded in OscamLauncher only works if running as a normal windows process.
      If you are running as a service, the service manager (NSSM) will be responsible for restarting Oscam automatically when it crashes.

  28. BTN says:

    I dont know why, but my OScam is unstable, my peers are allways connecting and disconecting and others cannot connect, but in Ubuntu it works fine…i dont know whats the problem…i allready deactivated the firewall and the problem continues..PLEASE HELP!!!

  29. mbutt says:

    Hi, great program but for some reason oscam crashes after 3-5 minutes the maximum i have had it working is 15 minutes i guess. Any idea why this is ?

    Thanks again

  30. nightmare says:

    Can you add a commnd-line option to start it minimized to tray?

  31. GodBotherer says:

    Hi Hugo,

    I have a little bug report for you – on Windows 7 64-bit, when running oscam as a service, it takes a long time to start and stop the service. It’s like the launcher is waiting for the service to start/stop, but fails to discover that the service has done so and just times out. When I monitor the service, it’s actually quite fast to start and stop, but the launcher doesn’t detect it properly.

    Otherwise great tool 🙂

  32. bohemi says:


    When I try to update oscam to the latest build, I get below error message, how can i fix this?

    [11-11-2012 7:59:16] – Downloading latest build…
    [11-11-2012 7:59:17] – Creating backup of oscam to “oscam.exe_5691”
    [11-11-2012 7:59:17] – Extracting new build…
    [11-11-2012 7:59:17] – ERROR – unable to extract new build!
    [11-11-2012 7:59:17] – New build #7891 is now available for update!

    Thanks for any help.

    • GodBotherer says:

      Have you checked that oscam is not running? In that case, it won’t be able to replace the .exe file, because it is in use.

  33. Jocke says:

    Good job first of all… This is just what i am looking for!!

    I can’t seem to make it restart on the time i have set… I set it to restart every 12th hour starting at 15:00 but nothing happens, any ideas why? It’s not even trying… Do i need to save theese settings somehow?

    Also i get “error locating latest version”… The update function works great but it can’t figure out what version i’m currently running… This is no problem off course, just asking if you have any idea why?

    Thank’s again and I promise à donation if you can help set the auto restart!!

  34. Jocke says:

    The program will not install as a service for me and it’s not restarting on chrash.
    When I press “install service” the text doesn’t change to “uninstall service” but the program starts anyway….

    Has anyone had this problem and figured out a solution? I am running Win 7… Do I have to allow anything in Windows?

    • Jocke says:

      Solved my own problem by running Launcher as admin…. Sometimes you should read previous threads before posting a new one… 🙂

  35. Marcel says:

    When will version 1.2 be released or at least 1.1.1 to fix the update error 🙂

  36. CG121 says:

    Once running and the nssm service is installed, can you log off of windows and expect the nssm service to function and monitor oscam.exe?

    Should the Recovery tab (in windows services) for the nssm service be set to ‘restart on failure’ too?

    I assume nssm will try to restart oscam.exe if it crashes, but if nssm crashes, it won’t restart with ‘take no action’ selected, will it…


  37. k0103707 says:

    Hey, i find it weird that i cant make it work properly. I’ve install oscam. It is working great.

    For some reason oscam laucher 1.1 on win 7, is not working well. I’ve placed the laucher in the oscam bin folder along with nssm. Double clicked nssm, and then started oscam launcher. Nothing much works… Only the start, stop service and install/uninsrall service work.

    Im not able to use the restart service, updater, it doesnt seem to save the config as it goes back to its original startup settings at every reboot and restart timer doesnt work either.

    I must have done something wrong but what?

  38. k0103707 says:

    I’ve stopped using oscam laucher since its not working well for me.

    I’ve instead created a batch file, like a restart script. I used task scheduler in windows to execute the batch file with the oscam restart command every day at a certain time. It works beautifully. Same thing can be done to check if the oscam service is running in case it crashes…

    If people are interested i’ll post the details, so u can do it yourself.


  39. Per Ahlbaum says:


    I have OSCAM 1.20-unstable_svn build #5691 for Windows and I tryed OSCAM Launcher 1.1 and my OSCAM installation crached. So how to update OSCAM 1.20 in a better way? I saw that you k0103707 created a batch file. Can yuo give any easy advice whit examle?



    • paul says:

      Create a batch file with only this inside:
      net stop oscamsvc && net start oscamsvc

      Then go to windows scheduler and set the time you want this file to execute, so it restarts oscam automatically at whatever time you want it to.

  40. rlevis says:

    It would be useful to have the Update Checker work, or the Update Now button. Both just say “ERROR – Unable to check current version.”. This is Win7 32-bit with UAC disabled. It was working with older builds of Oscam.

  41. rlevis says:

    Any chance of a final working version of Oscam Launcher? Once that can check the version of Oscam and update it, and one that can restart Oscam every number of hours when installed as a service. These are the only reasons for installing it, and they don’t work! It shouldn’t take much to fix it.

    > Oscam Launcher is an application that will make life easier if you use Oscam on windows.

    No it doesn’t. If you don’t have the time perhaps release the source code and someone else can do it.

  42. Oliver says:


    – Allows to restart Oscam automatically on crashes

    How do you detect the Service crashes? I would like to Monitor my OSCam with Taskscheduler and a script but I don’t know how to do it. Can you give an advise?

    Cheers Oliver

  43. Mikel says:


    I have the same problem than othe user, i have the Oscam.exe process running two instances and i can’t update the version as well.

    Any news?


  44. Mola says:


    When comes te update 1.2 for bug fixes


  45. Martin says:


    ist the launcher also compatible to Windows10? Do you have fix for Auto update?


  46. christix says:

    Is this development still alive?
    It would be great with a new build considering the “bugs” in present build.
    Error checking version for ex.

    Hope remains…I Think it’s to good to be forgotten;)

  47. dom petta says:

    Practical comments , I was fascinated by the details . Does someone know where I could get a sample MI PC 564 version to work with ?

  48. Juergen says:

    Hi Paul,

    are you still working on this project? Is there a plan to release v1.2?

    Cheers Juergen

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