Oscam for Dreambox

Latest Oscam download for Dreambox STBs.

Below you will find the latest revisions of Oscam for Dreambox.
These are the official binaries that you can also find at the Oscam ULC.
If you want to automatically update your box, please check the script posted here.

If you like my work, please consider making a donation and help me pay for the hosting and bandwidth.

Mips (Models: 500HD, 7020HD, 7025, 7025+, 800HD, 800HD SE, 8000)

PowerPC (Models: 7000, 56×0, 500, 500+, 600, 7020)



39 Responses to Oscam for Dreambox

  1. chakall says:

    ola que se passa com as versoes da oscam parou !!

  2. Chakall says:

    oscam not updating !!

  3. Hugo says:

    Hey, thanks for notifying me about the problem.
    Its now fixed and automatically updating again.

  4. Chakall says:

    agora ok de novo tanks

  5. XX25 says:

    io sono nuovo di questo forum e sono contento di esserci entrato io non sono tanto bravo

  6. chakall says:

    files have errors in it has nothing

  7. chakall says:

    C: \ Users \ virgilio \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ oscam-svn5953-mips-tuxbox-webif-Distribution.tar.gz: The file is corrupt

  8. Akores says:


    31.6 KB ??? este tar.gz está vazio.

    September 19, 2011

  9. Fixed. Downloads should now be working correctly.

  10. Jack Think says:

    The uploaded oscam files for dreambox are corrupt for two days.
    Can you ficx that problem???

  11. barn` says:

    How to Manual install oscam latest version on my dreambox 600s pvr please ??
    i try put the tar.gz file into /tmp folder and attribute at 755 but i still cannott find oscam to manual install it ..can someonwe please help ?

  12. keld says:

    Is it possible to have a version with LIBUSB for Dreambox too ?

  13. Toto says:

    Auto Update script doesn’t work, now on dreambox.
    Have you an idea ?

  14. Toto says:

    Run fine with this corrected line.

    filename=`tar -xvzf latest_oscam.tar.gz ‘oscam*’`;


  15. mamoa says:



    qual a dirença entre um e outro

  16. chakall says:

    oscam e2.0 this version is compatible with oe1.6 ??

  17. Darky says:

    Please Update your URL for Downloading the Bins 🙂


  18. Darky says:

    Thanks that was fast 🙂

  19. Darky says:

    Hmm, Looks like the OScam Guys changed the Folder structure a Little bit.
    Maybe Updating dont work at the Moment?

  20. Fixed for new folder structure.

  21. Darky says:

    Thanks again for fast Fixing that issue 🙂

  22. keld says:

    It seams like there is no libusb included anymore ?

  23. chakall says:

    hello there because you do not have version 1.6 oe

  24. toninero says:

    per 2 carte *tvusat e tntsat quale e la buona versione oscam per 7020 si ?

  25. zorglub says:

    wrong or misleading info…
    Oscam for 7020 does NOT come from powerpc-tuxbox-old but powerpc-tuxbox !!!
    the powerpc-tuxbox-old is for 500s

  26. easy says:

    What about OE1.6??

  27. Steiner says:

    Please add:
    #define WEBIF_LIVELOG 1
    #define WEBIF_JQUERY 1

    to config.h

  28. antonio says:

    hi,sky hd online with oscam?

  29. NoPl says:

    Why is now size of oscam-svn9716-mips-tuxbox-oe2.0-webif-Light.tar.gz 2x larger than before?

  30. prodrigues says:

    Which oscam able to read and share tnt sat?

  31. Hasan says:


    how to open the file?
    gives me error “unknown format or damaged”

  32. Rod Blume says:

    Cannot extract any of the oscam files later than svn9989, all give error “Archive empty”
    “unknown format or damaged”

  33. Alex says:

    Cannot extract any of the oscam files later than svn9989, all give error “Archive empty”
    “unknown format or damaged”

  34. C140 says:

    the last oscam PowerPC tar.gz are corrupted…

  35. amdad says:

    oscam 500 saver

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