Oscam for Android

OscamDroid is an Android APK which includes the oscam binary and is responsible for managing and launching it on your Android device.

The binary is built with WEBIF and SSL using the instructions available on this tutorial.
Oscam is run inside an Android Service, it is started on device boot and should be able to run forever without being killed by the system (except on extreme memory usage conditions).

It has a very basic auto-update mechanism that runs every time Oscam is started.
When a new version is found you need to click the Update button to download and install it.

Here are some screenshots.


The latest versions of the APK can be downloaded on this GitHub repository.


For any questions or suggestions, please use the comment section below.

Thank you and consider making a donation if you like the work.


23 Responses to Oscam for Android

  1. niki says:

    hi very good work test on box android MM VERSION good non compatible cs378x protocol, insert my line cs378x not work(only vps work), not work android 4.2 and kitkat

  2. niki says:

    test readers cccam line work reshare, non test usb and other readers, oscam.srvid file disable please enable? not have compiler oscam.srvid2 for my caid

  3. Paddy says:

    Is it possible to give the app rights to read /dev/ttyUSB0? I’ve a rooted android device and tried everything like chmod 666 /dev/ttyUSB0 but it only says “Opening device /dev/ttyUSB0 (errno=13 Permission denied)”.

    I need this permission to use my USB cardreader “easymouse/smartmouse 2” with is using the FTDI driver.

    dmesg is showing this:

    [776064.843597] usb 4-1.1: New USB device found, idVendor=0403, idProduct=6001
    [776064.843780] usb 4-1.1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
    [776064.843872] usb 4-1.1: Product: FT232R USB UART
    [776064.844055] usb 4-1.1: Manufacturer: FTDI
    [776064.844146] usb 4-1.1: SerialNumber: AL007V3B
    [776064.854919] ftdi_sio 4-1.1:1.0: FTDI USB Serial Device converter detected
    [776064.855224] usb 4-1.1: Detected FT232RL
    [776064.855316] usb 4-1.1: Number of endpoints 2
    [776064.855499] usb 4-1.1: Endpoint 1 MaxPacketSize 64
    [776064.855590] usb 4-1.1: Endpoint 2 MaxPacketSize 64
    [776064.855743] usb 4-1.1: Setting MaxPacketSize 64
    [776064.861450] usb 4-1.1: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB0

    So it seems like everything seems to work fine with the driver.

  4. niki says:

    hi possible work on new apk multics? similar oscam

  5. yewin says:

    please oscamsever open

  6. yewin says:

    please oscamsever svn apk

  7. yewin says:

    oscamdroid svn apk thank

  8. pet says:

    Error: cannot locate cfsetospeed.

  9. Sandu says:

    Hello, please nice help me with a oscamdroid.apk compiled for easymouse-smartreader.
    Thank you in advance.

  10. Zappy.PTY says:

    I need to know how to make it work with a hisilicon hardware

  11. mihaip says:

    Can you add EMU support ? if you need details …
    I can supply them !!!

  12. sosi69 says:

    what is user/pass in webif?

  13. Stl1 says:

    I need some support with OscamDroid-b6-svn11378.apk installed on Sony XE-9305

    OscamDroid is already installed in the TV and its running but I got an error:

    2018/05/15 01:38:41 5A470C89 c (dvbapi) ERROR: Could not detect DVBAPI version.

  14. naybone says:

    please oscam sever android apk

  15. Car Mel says:

    My unit has Oscam 1.20-unstable svn r11378. When running aplication apk it does not found UPDATE. I want to install svn r11429-emu771. How can I do it?? Thanks

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