Oscam is a multi-protocol/multi-platform cardserver and client. It is becoming one of the best projects around for cardsharing networks because of its active development and platform support.

OSCam stands for Open Source Conditional Access Module and is a non-profit community work of many developers. The development is public.

The progress can be tracked by Oscam-Timeline http://streamboard.tv:8001/timeline using changesets and tickets.

The development steps are “svn’s” (subversion). They are available for compilation on several platforms.

 I host several pages related to Oscam on this website :

5 Responses to Oscam

  1. palle says:

    What to do if you want to run two oscam for xp as service
    One to each card

    I want to run with the OscamLauncher.exe as service

    Looking for service must first names oscamsvs

    What should I do to make the second oscam to have a different name during the service so it does not so it does not get the same name.

    Have to go fix somehow

    google tran..

  2. Dimitri says:

    Hi,thanks for your work but if caid 0100 card work, the caid 0500 card not. I have 3 cards (one 0100 and two 0500) and the 0100 work but not 0500. Do you have an idea ?

  3. kthompson475 says:

    Thank you very mutch for taking your time, and providing the comunity with the best tools!

  4. Kais says:

    I have a little problem with oscam.exe doesn’t startet… Code (0x000007b).
    Please help.

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