Lineage2 Farm Bot

A few years ago I started playing Lineage 2 and its a great game, meanwhile I created this bot that should work on every server (private and official) because it´s undetectable by GameGuard or any other game protection as it does not inject network packets or modifies memory addresses.

This bot works by reading pixels from the game window and sending keystrokes to simulate the player.
It has been tested alot by me and a few other friends of mine but it was never made public, until now.


  • Save/Load settings to different files and keep a file for each class.
  • Configure a set of function keys (attack keys) to simulate with a repeat delay.
  • Configure self buffs to use with a repeat delay.1
  • Various options to auto-target the next monster, including your own custom target list.2
  • Unlimited actions that are executed according to your own conditions (eg: If HP is less than 80% do some skill or click some button).3
  • Let the bot automatically send status messages to your main account by setting the nickname of the player which will receive the messages.
  • Set commands to be repeatedly executed within a determined delay.




How does it work?

Before the bot can do anything you have to tell him which L2 window it will control, this allows you to have multiple instances of the bot running on the same computer, each one controlling a different L2 window.

  • To associate the window to the bot, just click the “Select L2 Window” button, and now you have 5 seconds to select the correct L2 window (the bot will make a beep sound when the window is successfully associated).
    Warning – When the bot associates the L2 Window it will reset the user interface to the default positions (ALT-L). It needs to do this because it will read the pixels form theirs default positions.
  • After having the window selected, just click the “Start/Stop Bot” button or press the “PAUSE” key on your keyboard to make it run or stop.


Download (v1.5)

downloadL2FarmBot (1.18 MB)


91 Responses to Lineage2 Farm Bot

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  2. Seifer says:

    It looks nice, I will look into it more deeply.

    I usually don’t use bots, but since I got banned for unfair reason, I will :).

    I have 2 questions though :

    – Does it handle Clicks ? Or movement ? If so, how ?

    – Can we use a script that we saved, as an element of another script ?
    For example, if I’m building a script to rebuff, I can insert it into a farming script every $buffTime.

    Thanks for the work.
    There is an opensource project using AutoIt :
    If you don’t handle the mouse, this could help you to do it. Do you use Autoit ?

    I’m a developper myself, at least I try to be, so if you need any help with this project, I’ll be happy to try to bring more features.

  3. Victor León says:

    Hola que tal, te felicito por el trabajo del L2farm, me anda muy bien en el oficial pero en lvl bajo, de 85+ no muy bien, no logro que mi iss bufee. No siempre el alt+L funciona, no siempre reconoce el juego

  4. Alee46 says:

    Why i cant use 2 or more buff in buff section? Only have 1 slot and u in picture have 2.

  5. Marcin says:

    Can bot have more longer nexttarget ? when mobs are more away?

  6. booo says:

    before update is work and now not work after update NA server

  7. Luiz says:

    not player select :/

  8. Luiz says:

    só fica em “Not Selected Player” e “Not Target Selected” me ajuda, senão não consigo usar “actions”

  9. Luiz says:

    just gets in “Not Selected Player” and “Not Selected Target” help me, but I can not use “actions”

  10. Adrenalinka says:

    Hi, I try this bot but it could not recognise L2 client. Log says “Selected window is not from Lineage II”. But selected windows is Lineage 2 window. I’m using it on L2 offi EU server.
    Any ideas what’s wrong?

  11. Yoast says:

    This worked on my pc at home but at work, it will not register the target HP. It shows 0% even if it is really 100%. It also does not show my HP accurately. It says 76% when it is at 100%.
    Any help is appreciated!

  12. Andre says:

    I use Lineage Interlude chronicle. Bot status bot don’t show CP/HP/MP 🙁

  13. Tom says:

    Does this bot work for Infinite oddesy? it doesn’t seem to work. I hear the beep, nothing happens.

  14. Marius says:

    La mine arat? la long ca ataca f1 da pe joc nu se întâmpl? nimic

  15. Marius says:

    Pu?in ajutor

  16. JarSS says:


    does this program work even with “Smart Guard”? It seems not 🙁

  17. patty says:

    Its detected now by GG on infinite odyssey EU offic

  18. viktoras says:


    do you developing this program? May be you open source it?

  19. sbasaas says:

    Hi, thanks for the program. its any way to put more than 2 seconds on skip target options?

  20. Napped says:

    hi, work new update 11/02/2016?

    any chance detect using program?

    ty and w8 you answer

  21. hukina says:

    works but my problem is when hp 50%

  22. german says:

    Hello, I have the bot running , but this does nothing , on the flap nextarget send log shows the command , but the pj in the game does nothing. Help pls.

  23. platoxii says:

    It’s not work.Even I push start button,won’t select any target nearby

  24. Laszlo says:

    Welcome guys!

    can you upgrade this program ? Wouly be good if i could make a radius or squar to kill mobs in.

  25. kismet says:

    is there any chance you can upload a video presenting how to use it correctly it seems to switch target to soon even without the timed targe option and confuses the bot.

  26. Suphachai says:

    can i change language to Thai like /target /nexttarget to /???????? /?????????????

  27. Sato says:

    I have problem with run it on laptop:/ i run program as admin connect it with window l2 and “client selection ok” I see my nick hp, mp, cp. But when i target sommething nothing happens targets don’t appers in program……. why ?

    I use it on pc and work grate, what could be wrong on laptop ?

  28. LoshIqq says:

    please who can help me with running this program i have some problems with starting skills and etc if any have video or any skype for supporting :))

  29. neto says:

    Hi, i run the program but when i pass my mouse over buttons and text dialogs, they all get white and i cant read them anymore. can u help me?

  30. mickiseel says:

    Hmmm, i think there is lots of such programs, but still congratz, keep on what you are doing in life. Good luck with improving this project

  31. Juan says:

    Hey, for some reason whenever I open the program my L2 client crashes, do you think there is some kind of fix to this? Im playing in a private server which uses a slightly modified High Five client.

  32. Fernando says:

    Him thnx fir share!

    Im trying to use your bot on C4. Im have some problems to detect my HP and monters HP.
    Some advice ?


  33. Honor says:

    it works on official servers?

  34. Jordan says:

    I want to ask why I can’t have more than one buff at a time?

  35. yo says:

    esto no funciona

  36. Hey i was wondering how can i make the bot to use more than one buff can you help please? 😛
    or is a function you disabled and gets only with donations?

  37. yoyoyoyoyoy1989494654657 says:

    thx for bot

  38. Toot says:

    Does this work for L2 servers using Gamegaurd? I was able to select my client, made the clicking sound and my CP/HP/MP is all working fine. However its not making any actions. I really hope this works, could you please update us?

  39. Trombosis says:

    I have problem, the software on found because no target any mobs and I need some solution thx

  40. DargLegacyWarrior says:

    Can som1 help me with the Bot targets far away mobs but not close and when he gets to a wall it gets stuck coz he has target som1 behind the wall… how to fix it ?

  41. Victor says:

    Hello, very good projeto.No serves what game can run the bot, however, the farm bot does not function normally instead of taking the target is typing in targetnext chat, targetnext nonstop flodando 100 times.

  42. Victor says:

    Trojan Horse

  43. balik says:

    I want to donate for l2 bot

    my skype: abel-perez-pallares

  44. Carlos says:

    Hey Can you give me the source code ? i want to adapt to Lineage 2 C4

  45. Vasilakhs96 says:

    i have one problem when i press start,in game say that player is not online,what i can do please helppp me

  46. roni says:

    why i cant? what a problem?
    29/01/2017 14:18:39 : Select the L2 client in the next 5 seconds…
    29/01/2017 14:18:44 : Selected window is not from Lineage II.
    29/01/2017 14:20:14 : Select the L2 client in the next 5 seconds…
    29/01/2017 14:20:17 : Select the L2 client in the next 5 seconds…
    29/01/2017 14:20:22 : Selected window is not from Lineage II.
    29/01/2017 14:22:46 : Select the L2 client in the next 5 seconds…
    29/01/2017 14:22:51 : Selected window is not from Lineage II.
    29/01/2017 14:24:14 : Select the L2 client in the next 5 seconds…
    29/01/2017 14:24:19 : Selected window is not from Lineage II.
    29/01/2017 14:24:29 : Select the L2 client in the next 5 seconds…
    29/01/2017 14:24:34 : Selected window is not from Lineage II.

  47. Fabian says:

    Hi, in posibility you can remove te auto “alt + l”, because in my case i need to move ingame stats bars to get l2farm working.

    Out of this, the program works fine, with the new update of helios y think this is practically legal but more powerfull, i’ll check the code and if i learn about that i will support your coding work 😉

  48. leo says:

    Bot is working fine, the only problem i`m having is with the buffs, i write down the buffs names and time, one by one, then when i press start, the program only activates 1 buff, or only buffs me the first named buff, which is shield, after buffing me the first buff, it stops and does not follow the buff list =(

    could you help me solve that problem please.

  49. infinus says:


    Nice program, but when I started used it I got banned. Can u give the way that i am not be banned when i using this program?

    Can u email me the source code so i can learn it.

  50. Luiz says:

    Tried on official western (zaken) got banned

  51. Pablo says:

    Me funciona pero no me lee las barra de vida de mi pj ni de los mob, me podrias poner una imagen en donde tienen que ir colocado las barra de vida para que el bot las lea?

  52. Galue says:

    i have one problem wen i active the bot no target just my char says targetnext targetnext targetnext targetnext targetnext

    • wewewe says:

      same problem here

      • Gosu says:

        Same problem here…. its fucked up

        • xTru says:

          same here, is there a fix for this ?

          • xTru says:

            The command is missing the \ (backslash) at the beginning of the word so instead of a command you get very fast chat in local saying “targetnext” “targetnext””targetnext””targetnext”
            If you have any mobs in target list, it will just start to write all the names in chat “target mob” “target mob” …..
            Is there a fix for this ? Can you compile it again ?
            Many thanks

  53. Mychel Cabrera Valezi says:
  54. Andre Luis says:

    A verdade é que esse boot ainda tem muitas falhas e precisa ser melhor desenvolvido, por enquanto é muito inutil.

  55. Loulis says:

    Dude its working , but when the char walking , it stucks for some seconds , and if someone see you he understand that you are botting , can you make a better version ? 😀 Thanks a lot and good work

  56. Andre Luis says:

    Talvez o maior e principal problema seja na aba do Target, ele não ta funcionando corretamente ou eu não intendi exatamente como funciona, um problema é que no vídeo que eu vi mostrava a seleção do target do char(usuário) e também dos mobs(monstros) e o programa não está executando isso, porque? Sim, o trabalho é bom mais precisa ser aprimorado.

  57. Andre Luis says:

    Pelo que parece o projeto deve ter sido até abandonado!

  58. RoddYcK says:

    How do you increase the range to attack ?, since if it is not close, it does not attack …

  59. Glaki says:

    Hey guys, tired of being banned for botting? Love botting and hate risk of ban?
    Here is a server which promotes and allows botting its High Five:

    Its pretty awesome if you love botting or dont have much time to play etc. Enjoy!

  60. Paul says:

    It doesn’t work , just spams chat

  61. Ajax says:

    Hi there, you have a git hub for this? I’d really want to work with the source code since some server, they change the command (for example, /nexttarget has been change to /ntag).

  62. Arief says:

    can u fix skip target option coz it not works? This macro perfect… only 1 thing to fix is skip target and option to change how long it will wait till it skip target. best option to skip target is cancel target so it will find a new target from list then it will never stuck at wall.

  63. Koss says:

    Won’t work on lineage2dex :/
    Getting “client selection failed”

  64. med says:

    so i got it to work great on an IIS dominator 🙂 i am trying to have my yul archer assist…now that is a challenege is this possible? i can’t even have the archer attack different mobs 🙁 only 1 client at a time? because its clicks i assume…

    • JustBotting says:

      I have three running completely separate with no issues (if they are self leveling), cant personally get any party things to work buff / heal with current options allowed though…

  65. Kejos says:

    hi guys, anyone know how to create setup for just assisting my main char?

  66. JustBotting says:

    Works pretty good.

    Would it be possible to fix the “skip if health same for 2 seconds”, it doesnt appear to work at all.

    Also, would it be possible to target and buff / heal party members by setting up a second target field?

    Thanks for all your work!

  67. JustBotting says:

    Also noticed that if you have “next target when dead” and “next target when no target” it double next targets. Meaning, if it find a next target it will still next target again…

  68. JustBotting says:

    Additionally within the “Advanced Settings” page… When setting up commands, the app only uses the first line within the Commands.

    /target %self = 4000
    /useskill Wizard’s Harmony = 5000

    Only the self target happens. I have tried many combinations to see if it was me, but its actually the app.

  69. hunter says:

    any chance you might leave the source code ?

  70. Wyllyan Frankllyn Luz Gonçalves says:

    Its a Nice program, realy work, im try to do somenting like this, but cant send keys to L2, can you tell how to do this, I try use delphi, what language you use to make this bot?

  71. Mx says:

    Well ive trying to set it on 4game servers.. but failed, nothing happens , might im doing something wrong. or might server has something to prevent work of 3rd parties.
    anyone were successful in 4game eu?

  72. AlkA says:

    man, i want the code source of bot. how many $$$????

  73. Kokos says:

    Guys how can i load my char s hp mp on prg!!

  74. i says:

    Hey your project is amazing, You should improve it, as i can see it doesent need much to do to get improved, do more and you will earn more – donations, for sure!

  75. Kero says:

    Bot doesn’t work. Don’t target, only saying monster’s names on the chat window. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  76. ADASD says:


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