Lineage2 Farm Bot

A few years ago I started playing Lineage 2 and its a great game, meanwhile I created this bot that should work on every server (private and official) because it´s undetectable by GameGuard or any other game protection as it does not inject network packets or modifies memory addresses.

This bot works by reading pixels from the game window and sending keystrokes to simulate the player.
It has been tested alot by me and a few other friends of mine but it was never made public, until now.


  • Save/Load settings to different files and keep a file for each class.
  • Configure a set of function keys (attack keys) to simulate with a repeat delay.
  • Configure self buffs to use with a repeat delay.1
  • Various options to auto-target the next monster, including your own custom target list.2
  • Unlimited actions that are executed according to your own conditions (eg: If HP is less than 80% do some skill or click some button).3
  • Let the bot automatically send status messages to your main account by setting the nickname of the player which will receive the messages.
  • Set commands to be repeatedly executed within a determined delay.




How does it work?

Before the bot can do anything you have to tell him which L2 window it will control, this allows you to have multiple instances of the bot running on the same computer, each one controlling a different L2 window.

  • To associate the window to the bot, just click the “Select L2 Window” button, and now you have 5 seconds to select the correct L2 window (the bot will make a beep sound when the window is successfully associated).
    Warning – When the bot associates the L2 Window it will reset the user interface to the default positions (ALT-L). It needs to do this because it will read the pixels form theirs default positions.
  • After having the window selected, just click the “Start/Stop Bot” button or press the “PAUSE” key on your keyboard to make it run or stop.


Download (v1.5)



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