My Projects

Here you can find some of my projects that I develop and give to the world.

They may be simple creations, but I hope you find them useful.

  • Paradox Auto Inc Repair – Fix paradox tables with corrupt auto increment fields.
  • phpMailShare – Share parts of your mail account without giving the login credentials to people.
  • NetServer – Pack of servers for windows. Similar to XAMPP but with much better control panel. (Discontinued)
  • G-Share – Turn your gmail account into a download center for your friends. (Discontinued – See phpMailShare for an alternative)
  • Oscam Launcher – An oscam GUI that allows you to update Oscam to the latest version, run Oscam as windows service or command line mode, auto-restart on crash, etc…



2 Responses to My Projects

  1. Nick says:

    Hey, Hugo! Nice solution for l2 farm bot, really nice. I also kept in mind pixel-parse bot-solution, but had not much free time.

    Current actual high five client kills process in case skill uses several times with the same time period. I tested different cases, tried hide tools but nope. When i use skill 3 times with 1000ms interval it kills the client.

    Can you send me a copy of your l2farmbot that parse time period with range? I mean to make it possible provide not just pressing F1 every 600ms, but 600-800ms. Guess dat will be enough to cheat gameguard. Or maybe your farmer opensource? I haven’t found code on github or bitbucket.

    Thank you!

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