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ShellExecute in Delphi – Launch external applications.

Your Ad Here Executing external applications from Delphi can be very useful for a programmer. Imagine you want to call other applications from Delphi code, like backup utilities, text editors, music players, video players, word and excel documents, etc.. You can execute any external file by using the ShellExecute function present in the ShellApi library […]

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Oscam Version Auto Update on Dreambox

Your Ad Here Oscam is an open-source project and the developers constantly update the SVN. If you are a freak about having your devices up to date then you can use this script that downloads the latest version of Oscam for your box and installs it. Share: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on […]

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Object Oriented Programming in Java

A few years ago I made my first attempt to learn the Java language, but as soon as I heard there were things called “Polymorphism” and “Abstraction” 🙁 I got really scared and assumed this language was too hard for me to learn. I couldn´t have been more wrong. The names are scary but their […]

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Fix “Key Violation” on Paradox tables.

“Key Violation” errors occur whenever a new record is created with a primary key that already exists. This means that the field you defined as your primary key must be unique on the table. No other record can have that value, and it generates a “Key Violation” error when this happens. Share: Bookmark on Delicious […]

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How to compress/decompress multiple files using Delphi 7?

Sometimes, Delphi 7 programmers need to implement some kind of compression/decompression features in their programs. Imagine you need to make a backup of files, like paradox databases or making an import/export feature that needs several files. The best way to do this is using compression tools to archive all the files into one single exportable […]

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