L2 Farm Bot released!

I have just released the first public version of my L2 Farm bot.
Its a bot for the game Lineage 2 that should work on every server (private or official).
I used it for many years and I must say it is very reliable.

Check it out here.



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14 Responses to L2 Farm Bot released!

  1. Seifer says:

    Do you have a few scripts files to release as well 😛 ? Providing farm area + screenshot of the skillbar if you are using the key.

  2. Roy says:

    Need farming bot for L2… tq

  3. willbe says:

    very good very good

  4. willbe says:

    Need farming bot for L2 Need farming bot for L2

  5. David Tyus says:

    I have a couple questions ; #1) What is the cost and #2) Does it work on official server of Infinite Odyssey now

  6. Simek says:

    I have a problem.
    My cat attacking a single mob will not kill him, and already the next attack.
    How to do that bot quickly chose another target

    • ZerG says:

      I have the same problem and its on private server C6… on Global it doesnt work ( for me) dont know about others.

  7. marius radu says:

    hy i have one problem, i play l2 elexium and ur bot not fuction, i want pay if u can help me

  8. Rafael says:

    Hello man, I play on l2 Maat but it does not work, the character hp, cp, mp appears, but it says “NO TARGET SELECTED”. help me please, if necessary I paid for it!

  9. christos1233 says:

    How i select player??? Help me!!!!

  10. stelios1615612541 says:

    hi on me it works but i have small problem aboute the range !! the bot see only creachers near me !!

  11. bartek says:

    Brest bot on naia 😀 only one problem /targetnext are duplicate plzz help

  12. vodanh744 says:

    hello , Does it work on l2lionna ?
    how to contact with u ?

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