Mini RC Car Hacked (Controlled with Arduino, PC and Android devices)

Hello friends, it has been a while since I posted something new on the blog but I have been wasting too much time learning new stuff.

Today I want to show you one of my latest projects which combines electronics and programming for PC and Android devices.

For most of my life I have been working with software and never adventured much into the electronics world but I always wanted to, so I bought an Arduino Uno controller a few months ago to get me started but never made any real projects with it. I just played around with some leds and light sensors that came with the kit, but a few days ago I had some time to make a little project which involved simple electronics knowledge, the Arduino platform, programming desktop applications to communicate with the Serial port and creating my first Android application.

I am now controlling a mini RC car (which I bought at a chinese store for 10€) using my computer and my Android cellphone and tablet.



 Project Steps

  1. Disassemble the remote controller.
  2. Identify the battery wires of the board,cut them and solder some wire to connect to the Arduino Vin and Gnd pins.IMG_20130215_021037
  3. Identify the push buttons and which pins enable their function and connect them to the digital pins of the Arduino.IMG_20130215_021122
  4. Code an Arduino sketch that will receive commands from the Serial port and enable the correct pins to control the car.arduino
  5. Code a desktop application that will send commands through the serial port which will be processed by the Arduino.server
  6. Code an Android app which communicates (using Wifi) with the TCP/IP server managed by the desktop application that redirects the commands to the Serial port of the Arduino.device-2013-02-15-034459


This post is a Work in Progress and I will soon write details about each step and publish the software and sources so you can use them or improve them. The desktop application was developed in Delphi Xe2.


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5 Responses to Mini RC Car Hacked (Controlled with Arduino, PC and Android devices)

  1. josef w says:

    hallo! i realy like your rc-car project!
    and wonder if you could get the software/ josef w

  2. reed says:

    could you post the code and software

  3. Lars V. says:

    Hello there,
    within our time at university we created a RC-car controlled by an android mobilphone. But the mobil phone is working as communication station to give us all the power for the usage of a camera, an accelerometre and usb-connection. You would be able to connect to the android application with another java app at a pc. Maybe you will enjoy it and you’re going to take a look. But if u want to see it in action, there is a video taken by interessted programmer:
    Best regards

  4. Sharil says:


    Can u provide me the code from step 5 and 6. I really need it.

    Thanks! BTW, Great Project Mate!

  5. Will says:

    I’m wanting to do the exact same thing, but the software is hard to start on. Would love to see your examples. I plan to velcro my old android phone to my skull-bot (used to be a toy truck). I want the android to control the truck with bluetooth connection. And I want the pc to control the arduino with the old cell phone as a conduit. I want to run IP Webcam on the android to see to drive (this ap works fine for a mobile webcam.)

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