OscamLauncher v1.1 has been released.

Hello dear friends.

Just want to inform you that OscamLauncher v.1.1 has been released to the public.

You can find the new version at the OscamLauncher page.
This new version implements most of the features requested by our users.
I already have some plans for the next release which will include a configuration editor for Oscam among some other stuff.
If you would like some feature to be implemented, please leave a comment here or the OscamLauncher page.

Also, if you like my free work, please consider making a donation and help me pay for the hosting and all the coffee and beer I drink developing this free software.

Here is the changelog of this version :

Version 1.1 
 - Fixed bug in Oscam updater algorithm.
 - Add option to start Oscam automatically when OscamLauncher is executed.
 - Add option to install Oscam as a Windows service using nssm (Non Sucking Service Manager).
 - Configuration is now saved to OscamLauncher.ini.
 - Some minor GUI changes.

 Download Version 1.1

 Oscam Launcher (469.1 kB)


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2 Responses to OscamLauncher v1.1 has been released.

  1. CrazyStuff says:

    Thanks for you hard work!

  2. monif_hadad says:

    very nice

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