Ferguson Ariva 100E

I just ordered a new High Definition satellite receiver.
Its a cheap device that costs 75€ and is able to watch DVB-S2 channels, has an Ethernet port that can be used to access cardsharing servers using Newcamd, Gbox and CCcam protocols.

When I receive my order I will make a detailed review and guide of the cardsharing functionality on this receiver through Newcamd, Gbox and CCcam.

Here are the specifications from the Ferguson website :

Ariva 100E is a next generation receiver. Users will appreciate the enhanced ability of any configuration settings from an intuitive screen menus and graphics in HD resolution. It is the cheapest offer for satellite TV channels in both high-resolution HD and standard SD. Ariva 100E has only the necessary output, and the card reader hidden under a flap on the front panel, which allows you to watch any pay-TV in High Definition. In addition, we get a fully functional USB port with recording, timeshifting and support MP3, OGG, FLAC, JPEG, MPEG. A characteristic feature is the power efficiency and consumption in standby exceeding 1W plus an Ethernet port.

Specification :

  1. Receives High Definition channels
  2. PAL upscaling up to 720p & 1080i resolution
  3. Supports 32 timers
  4. Favorite channel groups, TV and radio
  5. QuickFind function
  6. Supports Teletext and Subtitles
  7. DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1 and DiSEqC 1.2, USALS support
  8. MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 support
  9. Fully compliant with DVB-S and DVB-S2
  10. Smart Card Interface for pay TV

Connectors :

  1. HDMI with HDCP
  2. LAN (RJ45), USB 2.0 port, RS-232
  3. Coaxial S/PDIF digital audio output
  4. 1 x SCART

Remote Control :

Ariva 100E is provided with an exceptionally comfortable and intuitive to use remonte control unit RCU-500. By this RCU you can easily operate all the functions of the receiver.

Processor :

Ariva 100E is built on advanced main unit (CPU) from well known producer ALi. M3602-performance processor (333MHz), working with DDR memories and provides the highest available quality of digital audio and video in High Definition.

With the official firmware this receiver is not able to use cardsharing functionality but I will be posting some detailed guides on the subject of flashing an EMU firmware with the ability to use cardsharing.

Remember :
Watching Pay-TV without a valid service subscription with your operator is illegal and may lead to legal action.

Stay tuned….

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4 Responses to Ferguson Ariva 100E

  1. nick says:

    It works with unicable (scr) lnb?

  2. Paul Haysom says:

    can you tell me where you bought it from for 75 Euros,

  3. Graham Webb says:

    Good morning
    We have just brought a house in
    Santiago del la Ribera and it came
    complete with Sony Bravi tv and
    Ferguson arriva 100e Satellite
    Will this receive Astra signal
    UK tv Sky etc ok?
    Thank you

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